Pre configured websites

How does it work?

  • You website is hosted for free on our servers. For this service, you accept that KILAMU publish an ad on your website.
  • You own your own domain name www and http:// (example:
  • You can manage your website as you want: change, add or delete contents with only basic computer knowledges..
  • Use all the tools to customize your website: picture's galleries, blog, news, event's handler, newsletter.
  • People can comment and vote your publications.
  • You can add as much menus and pages as you need. Modify them at any time.
  • Possibility to have your website in more than one language (until 4).
  • The design is ready, you just have to modify the colors, the font and the behaviour of the options.
  • The tools is used by many people and KILAMU will do updates and upgrades for free and automatic.
  • You appear in search engines results, as Google, Bing, Altavista, Yahoo, etc.
  • Your website is ready in less than 48 hours.
  • You already know the result of your website; no bad surprises or long waiting time.

Special offers:

* CHFrs = swiss francs

BASIC website

  • 100 Mb webhosting
  • External ad inserted by KILAMU
  • Free website with all the options and tools

    Installation fees: 99 CHFrs
    Hosting : free

STANDARD website

  • 100 Mb webhosting
  • No ad
  • Free website with all the options and tools
  • 1 email address (deviation on your existing email address)

    Installation fees: 99 CHFrs
    Hosting: 2.90 CHFrs / month

PERSONAL website

  • 250 Mb webhosting
  • No ad
  • Free website with all the options and tools
  • 1 email address on mailbox POP3 or IMAP
  • 1 account to access the visitor's statistics (2 different tools)

    Installation fees: 99 CHFrs
    Hosting: 9.80 CHFrs / month

Website PRO

  • 1000 Mb webhosting
  • No ad
  • Free website with all the options and tools
  • 2 subdomains with FTP access
  • Your website is registered and publish on our partner websites
  • 2 accounts to access the visitor's statistics (2 different tools)
  • 1 (or more) email accounts with POP3 or IMAP mailbox
  • VIP Account (we help you getting your contents better and you can purpose upgrades)

    Installation fees: 99 CHFrs
    Hosting: 21.60 CHFrs / month
    "First steps" schooling for free (3h)



You receive an Excel file, you fill and adapt the options as you want and need; the price updates automatically. You decide how many accounts, subdomains, emails, etc. you need, as well as the webhosting space.
Price : 99 CHFrs for the installation fee, monthly hosting as you order.

Special new year 2011

Installation fees for free, for your order pack "PRO", until the 15th of february.

Included functions and options

  • Blog, with comments and votes enabled
  • Picture's galleries, also commentable and votable
  • Self-managed event's handler
  • Insertion of pdf, mp3 and vidos in all of your unlimited pages
  • Multilingual website: you choose the languages you want
  • Addressbook contacts and newsletter tool
  • Online contact form with anti-spam filter (also for comments)
  • Customizable and unlimited menus et submenus
  • Personalization of the design as you want
  • Automatic and free updates and upgrades

Some examples of good websites

Estancia San Pablo
Guesthouse, backhorse riding and fishing. Alone in the mountain, at the limit with Chile, on the foot of the big vulcano Tupungato, the Family Scibilia will be happy to host you. Visit the vineyard, go fishing, try a ride on a backhorse, eat fresh and natural products or just have a rest.
Tupungato (Mendoza), Argentina

Galatea Quartett
Classic music Quartett. The classical music Galatea Quartet, formed in 2005 in Zrich, has since established itself as one of the leading young string quartets in Switzerland. It's composed by the musiciens Sarah Kilchenmann, Yuka Tsuboi, Julien Kilchenmann et David Scheebeli.
Zurich, Switzerland

Webdesign and free ads classifieds. Web and graphic creations, ads placement, free classifieds and informatics blog. This website also sell prefabricated, multi-purpose and adjustables websites. (only in french - Switzerland)
Fribourg, Switzerland

Lapart Bar
Bar de cocktails and shots. This bar is a small sized place, but with a big reputation in the city. He purposes some nice thematic nights with good DJ, such as a lot of cocktails and shots.
Fribourg, Switzerland

Argentina Blog
Raphal Fleury's Blog, swiss guy in Argentina. This blog contains many pictures and informations about Argentina. As well, Raphal Fleury presents on his blog a special argentinean dictionary, funny graphics, many sarcasms, the best picture and video of the month and strange survey. (Only in french - Argentina)
Tucumn, Argentina

Extremo Norte
Excursions and extreme sports in North Argentina. Rafting, canyoning, rappel, kayak, moutain bike and trekking is some examples that offers this argentinean enterprise. All the extreme sports in the North Argentina.
Tucumn, Argentina